The Mission of the Knight’s Organization is to provide training in the fundamental skills of sports enabling athletes to perform on a highly competitive level. In addition we promote moral values and build confidence in life skills through sports that will carry young people throughout life.
How The Vision Came About
It was once stated that great visions often startwith small dreams. Within each of us lies a dream to impart our abilities and skills to others. Mr. Jackson’s dream began over 28 years ago when he was given the chance to assist in a basketball program. Now years later, he has mentored champions & his dream has turned into a vision. That vision being the Knights program. He has watched many youth play that lacked the fundamental skills needed to enhance their game. His involvement with various teams has revealed that youth who were serious or gifted enough had been involved in crimes, had bad coaches, parent problems, drugs or people who didn’t believe in them, etc. This carried over into other areas. “ I don’t care” becomes the mantra. But, it is amazing how much a youth actually does care.

This program sees the potential in each young person, we have worked with & more importantly, we believe that it is nice to dream, but it is essential to live that dream. Our vision is that the Knights organization become a program that far exceeds other athletic programs in Arizona & around the nation, as well as becoming a blueprint for encouraging, academic, athletic, spiritual, & personal growth. Colleges are now more than ever before searching for the high character and high athletic profile that our program epitomizes. The vision of Isaac Jackson Sr. & this organization is that boys & girls who want to compete in sports(basketball, track & field, baseball, etc.) will fulfill their dreams through the help of this program.